Chevelle is a band that formed in Grayslake, Illinois in 1995. Their first line-up was composed by: Pete Loeffler (vocals and guitar), Sam Loeffler (drums) and Joe Loeffler (bass). Joe left the band in 2005 and he was replaced by Pete and Sam's brother-in-law, Dean Bernardini. This would come to be their current line-up. Despite several Tool comparisons, the band cites Helmet, Tool, and The Cure as their major influences. Their music style has been classified as hard rock, alternative metal and post-grunge.... Read more →

The Pretty Reckless

The American Rock band The Reckless was originally formed in New York, New York USA, in 2009 and consisted of Taylor Momsen (Lead singer and rhythm guitar), John Socolo (guitar), Matt Chiarelli (Bass) and Nick... Read more →


They were once called Retribution, later they decided to change their name after the main character from Michael Ende’s fantasy book The Neverending Story. Atreyu was formed in 1998 in Orange County, California, USA. On... Read more →