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If you’re searching for the year’s best new rock album release, look no further because Another Lost Year’s done us all a favor and made the decision an easy one. Alien Architect is the first release for the band on David Ellefson’s EMP Label Group and it does not disappoint.

Fans of ALY have been (not so) patiently anticipating the new album, and were gifted immediately the new EP (The Revolution pt 2: The Other Side) containing 6 new tracks as a “Thank You” for pre-ordering the full length album.

Between the two, that makes 17 new ALY tracks pleasuring your ear holes. Long time fans of the band knew with the release of first single “Wolves” that the band had stepped up their game to a whole new level, but we’re here to tell you: we weren’t prepared for just how high.

There’s just no other way to say it: the new album is musical genius. Clint Cunanan has a commanding presence lyrically, and when coupled with the harmonizing support from band mate (and bassist) Adam Hall, the result is pure aural pleasure. Jorge Sotomarino’s smashing guitar riffs and Nate Walker’s ability to provide the band’s solid (and pounding) foundation prove yet again that Another Lost Year is not only here to stay, but to change everything you thought you knew about good rock ‘n roll.

You can still preorder the new album and receive their new EP for free immediately here:

Track listing:
Bastard Sons
Trigger Finger
Best Is Yet To Come
Run The Tank Out
This Is Life ft Jose Urquiza
He Took Beautiful Away
We All Die Alone
On And On
Holding On/Letting Go

Another Lost Year: