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All Them Witches is a band from Nashville, Tennessee. They were formed on January 6, 2012. Our Mother Electricity was their debut album, released in 2012. Lightning At The Door followed on 2014.

Their style of bluesy southern rock carries a distinctly mystical sound throughout. The band can turn a song into a sustained jam session that hypnotizes listeners with hazy tones and keyboard journeys into a sixties state of mind.

The band’s line-up consists of Charles Michael Parks Jr. (bass/vocals), Ben McLeod (guitars), Robby Staebler (drums) and Allan Van Cleave (keyboards).

See and listen for yourself with this very well filmed and recorded live show.


Their music genres are psychedelic rock, stoner rock and blues rock. Profound occultism is the most distinctive element of the band’s sound.

Studio discography:
Our Mother Electricity (2012)
Lightning At The Door (2014)