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The American Ban Band of Horses was formed by Ben Bridwell in Seattle in 2004. The original members of the band consisted of Ben Bridwell (vocals and guitar), Chris Early and Tim Meining (Drummer), shortly after the inception of the band Mat Brooke (guitar and vocals) joined them. In 2005 the band released ‘Tour EP’. Their first album was ‘Everything All the Time’ was also recorded in 2005 and released by Sub Pop in March 2006.

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Early and Meining left after the recording of this album due to irreconcilable personality differences. The band was joined by Joe Arnone (guitar and keyboard), Rob Hampton (bass and guitar) and Creighton Barrett (drums). The first single on ‘Everything All the Time’, ‘The Funeral’ was used in various TV series, films, advertisements and video games. Bridwell relocated the band from Seattle for his native South Carolina. In 2007 Band of Horses toured North America and Europe. Joe Arnone had left the band and the band had been joined by Robin Peringer (guitar), Ryan Monroe (keyboard) and Matt Gentling (bass). Phil Elk recorded and produced the album ‘Cease to Begin’ in North Carolina, also released by Sub Pop in October 2007. ‘Cease to Begin’ reached 35 in the Billboard 200 USA and was also a hit in France, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Paste Magazine voted it the 9th best album of 2007 and 47th on the Rolling Stone magazine. Band of Horses first European hit was the single ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’ and in Denmark it reached 22. Following the release of ‘Cease to Begin’, Bill Reynolds (bass) and Tyler Ramsey (guitar and vocals) were the new recruits, with Ramsey leading the band in on shows with his solos.

Phil Elk recorded the band’s 3rd album ‘Night Rainbows’ in May 2009, but in March 2010 the band revealed that the album would be called ‘Infinite Arms’. Prior to the recording of the album Rob Hampton left the band and was replaced by Ludwig Böss (guitar), who in turn left shortly afterwards. The album is released in May 2010 under the Columbia, Brown and Fat Possum labels. The band appeared on various TV shows: WDR TV’s Rockpalast; BBC’s Later… with Jools Holland amongst others. Following this last appearance the previous two albums entered the UK Albums Chart. They had hits on and reached 7 the UK Charts and reached 7 on the USA Billboard 200. The band then toured North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Japan in 2010. In October 2010 released ‘Georgia’ by Cee Lo Green on their website and this symbiotic homage and tribute proved a major success

‘Infinite Arms’ was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Alternative Album category. The album was also showcased in various ‘Best Album of 2010’ lists: #21 on Q Magazine; #10 Filter Magazine; #14 Paste Magazine; #15 NPR Listeners. The Rolling Stone magazine rated the song ‘Laredo’ #28 on the magazine’s top 50 songs of 2010. In January and February 2011 the band toured Europe and they undertook a brief tour of the USA in April and returned to tour again in Europe in June. In 2012 toured South America for the first time. Their 4th album ‘Mirage Rock’ was released in September 2012 and was produced by Glyn Johns. In August 2012 the music video ‘Knock Knock’ produced by Jared Eberhardt was released in August 2012.

Band of Horses released their live album ‘Acoustic at the Ryman’ was released February 2014. The band underwent another tour from February to March in the USA.

The band is now based on Charleston South Carolina and their labels consist of Sub Pop, Columbia and Fat Possum Records. Their genres are mainly: Southern Rock, Alternative Country and Indie Rock. Their website:

Their list of singles: ‘The Funeral’; ‘The Great Salt Lake’; ‘Is There a Ghost’; ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’; ‘Compliments’; ‘Laredo’; ‘Factory’; ‘Georgia’/ ‘No One’Gonna Love You’; ‘Dilly’; ‘Knock Knock’; ‘Slow Cruel Hands of Time’; ‘Mirage Rock Sonic Ranch Sessions’; and ‘Feud’[/expand]