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Although probably remembered from their hit single, “Shine”, originally from Stockbridge, Georgia and currently Atlanta-based Collective Soul, are recording and touring for more than two decades. The group consists of main songwriter and frontman Ed Roland (lead vocals/keyboards/guitars), Dean Roland (rhythm guitars), Will Turpin (bass), Johnny Rabb (drums) and Jesse Triplett (lead guitar).

Ronald after studying guitar and music composition in Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts he began producing, mixing and engineering for local Atlanta artists. He later recorded his own demos which resulted in recording and releasing his own album called “Ed-E Roland” in 1991. Shortly, Roland recorded a specific, special demo which gained popularity quite surprisingly. You guessed it, that demo was indeed “Shine”. Amidst the surprise popularity, Roland agreed to perform live shows, enlisting his brother Dean on rhythm guitar, drummer Shane Evans, bassist Will Turpin, and lead guitarist Ross Childress, resulting in the birth of Collective Soul. Atlantic Records took notice.

They have released nine studio albums, one live album and one compilation album.
Studio albums:
Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid (1993)
Collective Soul (1995)
Disciplined Breakdown (1997)
Dosage (1999)
Blender (2000)
Youth (2004)
Afterwords (2007)
Collective Soul (2009)
See What You Started by Continuing (2015)