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In 1994 Dave Grohl (Drums, lead vocals and guitar) was a member of the Grunge band Nirvana. The band disbanded after the death of frontman Kurt Cobain. After refusing an offer by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers of a permanent position as drummer in their band, he recorded, in five days, a series of fifteen self-written songs on a demo album in the Robert Lang Studios, on which he sang every vocal and played every instrument (excluding the guitar position of ‘X-Static’ which was done by the Afghan Whigs’ guitarist Greg Dulli) on all the tracks. This demo he distributed amongst friends for their opinion. Hoping to keep his identity secret, he wanted to release the album in a limited edition under the nom de plume of Foo Fighters, but the recording managed to find itself into the hands of music industry, initiating interest by the record labels. Dave Grohl formed the band Foo Fighter in Seattle, Washington USA, with the new members: Pat Smear (Rhythm guitar and backing vocals); Nate Mendel (Bass) and William Goldsmith (Drums). Dave Grohl signed his album to the Capitol Record label and released it on the Roswell Record label.

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In June 1995 Foo Fighters released their first single ‘This Is a Call’ and their debut album ‘Foo Fighters’ was released in July 1995. Three singles ‘Big Me’, ‘I’ll Stick Around’ and ‘For All the Cows’ following the debut single.

In 1996 Foo Fighters record tracks for their second album, but not happy with the result of the drums on the recording by Goldsmith, Grohl rerecorded the drumming playing himself. This caused ddissension between Grohl and Goldsmith, Goldsmith feeling betrayed, left the band. Taylor Hawkins joined the band in 1997. The band’s second studio album ‘The Colour and the Shape’ was released in May 1997, spawning the singles: ‘My Hero’; ‘Monkey Wrench’ and ‘Everlasting’. Pat Smear announced that he wanted to leave the band, due to burnout and exhaustion, but that he would remain until a suitable replacement could be found. At the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards in September 1997, he publicly announced his departure from the band and introduced Franz Stahl (Lead guitar and backing vocals) as his replacement. Several tracks off the album were featured in films and TV programs: ‘Dear Lover’ appeared in the soundtrack of the film Scream 2; ‘Walking After You’ was rerecorded for its appearance in The X-Files and ‘A320’ was rerecorded for the appearance in the film Godzilla.

In 1998 Grohl and Stahl were finding it difficult working together on the writing of songs for Foo Fighters’ third album and this resulted in Franz Stahl being fired from the band. As a trio the band continued recording and the third studio album ‘There Is Nothing Left to Lose’ was released in 1999, spawning several singles, and with the band’s first single ‘Learn to Fly’ reaching the USA Billboard Hot 100 charts. Before the release of the album, Foo Fighters left the Capitol Records label, citing the “Key man clause” which allowed them to dissolve their contractual commitments with the recording company should Gersh (the Key man) depart the company. On the strength of this they left Capitol and were signed up with the RCA label, who managed to procure the rights to the band’s albums recorded with Capitol. After the recording of ‘There Is Nothing Left to Lose’, Chris Shiflett (Lead guitar and backing vocal) joined the band.

March 2001 Grohl and Hawkins saw the band inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Foo Fighters’ cover of Pink Floyd’s song ‘Have a Cigar’, with the help of Brian May, was recorded for the soundtrack of the film Mission: Impossible II.

In 2001 the band nearly split, due to stresses caused by dissatisfaction about the quality of the recording of the fourth album, but they got together to play at the Coachella Festival. After Grohl and Hawkins discussed the matter, it was decided to rerecord the album and then see where the band stood. Foo Fighters’ fourth studio album ‘One by One’ was eventually released in October 2001, it spawned singles like: ‘Low’; ‘Have It All’; ‘All My Life’ and ‘Times Like These’.

Foo Fighters’ released their fifth ‘double’ studio album ‘In Your Honor’ in 2005, releasing several singles off the album: ‘DOA’; ‘Best of You’; ‘No Way Back’; ‘Cold Day in the Sun’ and ‘Resolve’, all recorded in their newly built Studio 606 West in Los Angeles. The band released their first live CD ‘Skin and Bones’ in November 2006. Rami Jaffee (Keyboard, piano, organ, accordion and harmonica) joined the band in 2006.

September 2007 Foo Fighters released their fifth studio album ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace’. Their debut single off the album ‘The Pretender’ was released early in August and peaked at #1 on the USA Billboard’s Modern Rock chart and remained there for nineteen weeks, their second single ‘Long Road to Ruin’ saw its release in December 2007 together with a supporting music video. At the 2007 European MTV Music Awards, Pat Smear verified his return to Foo Fighters.

At the 2008 Grammy Awards the Foo Fighters were nominated for five Grammy Awards and won two Awards: Best Rock Album for ‘Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace’ and Best Hard Rock Performance for ‘The Pretender’. ‘The Pretender’ was nominated for Record of the Year, as well as Best Rock Song.

Foo Fighters release a collection of greatest hits on the compilation album ‘Greatest Hits’ in November 2009, which features two new songs ‘Word Forward’ and ‘Wheels’ appeared, the latter also released as a single.

The band started recording their seventh studio rock music album ‘Wasting Light’ on analogue equipment in Dave Grohls garage. The album ‘Wasting Light’ was released in April 2011, debuted at #1 on the USA Billboard 200 Album chart and at the 2011 Grammy Awards won the band five of the six Grammy Awards they were nominated for: Album of the year; Best Rock Performance; Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance; Best Rock Song; Best Rock Album and Best Long Form Music Video (for ‘Back and Forth’), Grammy’s: Album of the Year was won by Adele. Pat Smear returned to the band prior to the recording of the album and was playing member on the album. In February 2011 the debut single ‘Rope’ off the album was released. Foo Fighters also released in April 2011 an album ‘Medium Rare’ which, consisted of covers, in a limited edition record for Record Store Day.

A film documentary recording the band’s career titled ‘Back and Forth’ directed by James Moll debuted in March 2011, but was only released at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas on DVD in June 2011 simultaneously with the new album.

Foo Fighters announced that their eighth studio rock music album ‘Sonic Highways’ would be released in November 2014 and that they would be celebrating their 20th anniversary and their album with an HBO TV series entitled ‘Sonic Highways’. Butch Vig disclosed in July 2014 that Foo Fighters had finished recording and remixing another new album, simply titled ‘8’ and that it was due to be released a month after the launch of ‘Sonic Highways’.

Foo Fighters won a Grammy Award at the 2000 Grammy Awards for their rock music video ‘Learn to Fly’. They also won 4 Grammy’s for Best Rock Albums for the following albums: ‘ There Is Nothing Left to Lose’; ‘ One by One’; ‘ Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace’ and ‘Wasting Light’, 3 Grammy Awards for Best Hard Rock Performance for: ‘ All My Life’; ‘ The Pretender’ and ‘White Limo’. The band also won 3 Kerrang! Awards. The band won at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards the Best Rock Video for ‘Walk’. In 2011 they also won the Radio Contraband’s: Major Label of the Year. The band has sold over 11.1 million albums worldwide.

Foo Fighters genres are: Post-grunge; Hard Rock and Alternative Rock.