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Nikki Sixx was born in San Jose, California on the 11th December 1958, as Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr. to Frank and Deana Feranna. His father deserted his family a short while after and Frank Jr. was raised by both his mother and his grandparents. He led a troubled life, attending seven different schools within an eleven year period. After selling drugs while living in Jerome, Idaho, he was expelled from school. He developed an early interest in music and his first instrument was a stolen guitar, which he later traded in for a bass guitar and became a bass guitarist. When he was 17, Nikki moved to Los Angeles and went on band auditions. It was then that he changed his name to Nikki Sixx as he wanted to cut all ties with his own family and generate his own identity.

Sixx was married to Playboy playmate, Brandi Brandt on 20th May 1989, with whom he had three children: Gunner Nocholas Sixx born 25 January 1991; Storm Brieanne Sixx born 14 April 1994 and Dekker Nilsson Sixx 23 May 1995. Nikki and Brandi were divorced 23 November 1996.
Nikki then married Donna D’Errico on the 23 December 1996 and on the 2 January 2001, Frankie-Jean Mary Sixx was born to the couple. They were divorced finally on the 27 June 2007, after several separations and reconciliations.

On the 15th March 2012 Nikki Sixx married his current wife Courtney Bingham.

Nikki performed for various bands in Los Angeles and in 1980 he formed the group Mötley Crüe together with Tommy Lee the drummer. Under the Elektra Label they released various discs from 1981 to 1997: Too Fast for Love (1981); Shout at the Devil (1983); Theatre of Pain (1985); Girls, Girls, Girls (1987); Dr. Feelgood (1989); Mötley Crüe (1994); Generation Swine (1997). Under the Mötley Label they released: New Tattoo (2000).

Nikki’s autobiography, The Dirt reached the Ney York Times best-sellers list. His very successful album Dr. Feelgood rode the charts for 114 weeks.

Nikki Sixx became addicted to heroin, and overdosed several times, once on the 23 December 1987 being declared clinically dead and then being revived. After this instance he checked himself into rehab and later declared that he was cured.

In January 2014 the members of Mötley Crüe announced that they would be disbanding after their North American tour.

Nikki currently hosts Sixx Sense with Nikki Sixx with Jenn Marino on the early morning radio show. His show on KEGL in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas started on the 7th May 2012, with the slot 6am to 10 am. However this slot was changed to the late evening 10pm slot.

The presale of their new album started on the 25th August, with immediately downloadable tracks, the band SIxxAM (formed in 2006)announced that the new album called Modern Vintage would be released on the 7th October. Currently the single “Gotta get it Right” is already steadily climbing the Top 20 radio charts.

Nikki Sixx appeared with his SixxAM band members, DJ Ashba and James Michael, in Boston before an audience of 20,000. Wowing the crowd with his music.