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RavenEye is a trio from Milton Keynes England that was formed in 2014 by lead guitar and vocalist Oli Brown. Oli’s foundation is in the blues and has released four solo albums. He started RavenEye in order to explore other outlets of his artistic abilities according to an interview by

The band consists of guitarist and vocalist Oli Brown, bassist Aaron Spiers and drummer Kev Hickman.

After performing throughout Europe with Slash in the summer of 2015 they are now making final preparations to follow the tour to the United States and Canada. They used a very successful KickStarter campaign to raise funds to cover 3,000 pounds of travel expenses. Fans have responded by kicking in over $11,000 of the $4,708 goal.

Their EP Breaking Out was released on iTunes May 11th 2015.

You can follow them on #BirdstheWord or checkout their FaceBook page @ItsRavenEye

RavenEye will be performing at Louder Than Life in Louisville, Kentucky on Main Stage 3 at 12:10 pm on Saturday October 3rd. Link to LTL schedule.