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Dustin Bates (lead vocal and songwriter) formed the band Starset in Columbus Ohio, in 2013 with the following band members: Alex Groher-Jick (Guitar); Jacob Mullen (Guitar and lead vocals); Ben Stern (Bass and vocals) and Tim Manning (Percussion and lead vocals). Starset creating a mysterious mythical ambiance related to the band and working in collusion with the obscure, mass media Starset Society set on widening their scientific and political themes through the use of rock music and lyrics in a technological timeframe. Insisting that they were recruited by Starset Society’s Dr. Ashton Wise to expand the knowledge, awareness of scientific valuable incidents related to outer space and mankind.

The band setting themselves up as medium where at a place, they provide the interzonal interaction of science, fiction, fact and speculation in aural sonic collision. The Starset Society is reprimanding of modern day man and their over opulent wasteful society and shallow lifestyles, man’s disregard for the planet and its life – their ‘transmission’: “Please hold. STARSET will begin the TRANSMISSION of the Message to the public shortly. Ignoranc Slaverye:..; Slavery:…; Knowledge:…; Power. END TRANSMISSION.”, sets the scene and atmosphere of their ambiance. Their rock music is thought provoking and full of intention and personal shades. Whether their themes are literal, real, figurative, delusional, imagination or a real warning, is much in speculation.

Their two rock music songs ‘My Demons’ released in August 2013 and ‘Halo’ are tales telling of mankind’s high ambitions and this resulting in complete devastation and ruin. Dustin Bates’ attitude is in voice both mournful and belligerent, his harsh guitar slashing and pulsing digitizing that bring a heaviness and strange harmonic accord, somehow strangely, dangerously and wildly captivating and show an emotionally haunting side to him. These attributes are heard in the lyrics of ‘Carnivore’ released as a digital single in July 2013 and ‘Telescope’. Dustin Bates’ qualifications are extremely auspicious: A PhD entrant in Electrical Engineering at Ohio University; he has been involved in research for the US Air Force and has lectured at the International Space University.

Bates worked together with Rob Graves (Red, All That Remains) creating a next generation imaginative rock music blend that would ultimately become their debut album ‘Transmission’ and was recorded and released by Razor & Tie Record label in the summer of 2014.

An interesting observation is that the topics and ideological ideas are based on factual based information and can be traced all the way back to the Nikola Tesla detection of cosmic radio signals that he believed to be alien attempts at communication back in 1899 to present day observations.

The band is now situated in Acton, Massachusetts.

Studio discography:
Transmissions (2014)