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Tremonti is the band founded by Mark Tremonti, a figure well known in the rock scene, from his guitar duties in Creed and Alter Bridge. Tremonti initially was formed as a solo project, however after the incorporation of a few other musicians in its formation evolved into a fully fledged band. They released their debut album “All I Was” in July 2012. In that album Mark Tremonti played also the bass, apart from guitars and vocals. Prior to release of their second album “Cauterize”, Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang Van Halen took over the bass. Their third album called “Dust” is set to release in 2016.

Their current line-up features the following musicians: Alongside Mark Tremonti (guitars & vocals) there is Eric Friedman (guitars), Garrett Whitlock (drums) and Wolfgang Van Halen (bass).

Despite what one might expect given Mark Tremonti’s background, the sound of this band is quite distant from the sound of the other bands he is involved with; Tremonti’s sound has been described as speed metal, thrash metal and heavy metal.

Studio discography:
All I Was (2012)
Cauterize (2015)