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Trivium is a band originated from Orlando, Florida, USA which was formed in 2000. After the release of their second album Ascendancy in 2005, the band’s popularity grew rapidly. They have been described by the press as one of the battering rams of New Wave of American Heavy Metal and possible future innovators of heavy metal.

The band’s current members are Matt Heafy on the guitars and vocals, Corey Beaulieu on the guitars, Paolo Gregoletto on the bass and Mat Madiro on the drums. Past members include vocalist Brad Lewter (2000), guitarist/bassist Brent Young (2000–2004), drummer Travis Smith (2000–2009) and drummer Nick Augusto (2009–2014).

Their musical style has evolved over the years, ranging from metalcore to melodic death metal, heavy metal, thrash metal and progressive metal. They are mostly noted for their ability to write solid, memorable guitar riffs. They have stated numerous bands as their influences with Iron Maiden being the leading of them.

Their discography consists of seven studio albums. Trivium’s studio releases:
Ember to Inferno (2003)
Ascendancy (2005)
The Crusade (2006)
Shogun (2008)
In Waves (2011)
Vengeance Falls (2013)
Silence in the Snow (2015)