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Photo By Green Up Music [CC BY-SA 2.0]

The American rock music band Weezer was formed In Los Angeles, California by Rivers Cuomo (Lead guitar, keyboard, harmonica and lead vocal), Patrick Wilson (Drums, percussion, guitar, keyboard and vocals), Matt Sharp (Bass guitar and backing vocals) and Jason Cropper (Guitar and backing vocals) in February 1992.

In June 1993 the band signed up a contract with the Geffen Record label. During the recording of their new album in 1993, Jason Cropper left the band and his replacement was Brian Bell (Rhythm guitar, keyboard, harmonica and backing vocals).

Their debut studio album ‘Weezer’ (also known as ‘The Blue Album’) was released in May 1994. Through the DJ of Seattle Radio Station: The End’s DJ, Marco Collins playing the rock music song ‘Undone – The Sweater Song’, Geffen released the song as the band’s first single and a music video was also released, which became an instant success on MTV. Their second music video ‘Buddy Holly’ was widely played on MTV and won MTV Video Music Awards: Breakthrough Video; Best Alternative Video awards. The video also won two USA Billboard Music Video Awards. Their third single ‘Say It Ain’t So’ was RIAA certified 3xPlatinum in the USA and 2xPlatinum in Canada.

Weezer’s released their second studio album ‘Pinkerton’ in September 1996. Three singles were spawned off the album: ‘El Scorcho’; ‘Pink Triangle’ and ‘The Good Life’. The album was not a success and was voted ‘One of the Worst Albums of 1996’ by Rolling Stone readers, but later was claimed Weezer’s best work by critics and fans alike.

Matt Sharp left the band in April 1998 and was replaced by Mikey Welsh (Bass guitar and backing vocals). Pat Wilson left the band in the fall of 1998, throwing Rivers Cuomo into severe depression at the apparent dispersal of the band.

In April 2000 the band reunited when Weezer was offered a lucrative high-paying show at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan in August 2000. The band played shows, festivals and un-promoted concerts under the pseudonym Goat Punishment from April to June 2000.

In 2001 Weezer released its third studio album titled ‘Weezer’ (also known as ‘The Green Album’). Two rock music videos released off the album ‘Hash Pipe’ and ‘Islands in the Sun’ became hit singles due to MTV’s Heavy rotation of the videos. Mike Welsh was checked into a Psychiatric Hospital in August 2001 and Scott Shriner (Bass guitar, vocals and keyboard) was offered the chance to fill in for him, which he accepted. Weezer’s album ‘Maladroit’ went unreleased, after fallout with their present label Interscope and the label attempted to pull the rug out from under the band by pulling songs from radio station and from their download webpage and basically closing the site, igniting protests from fans to “Free Maladroit” (the album).

In 2002 Weezer was sued by Matt Sharp, alleging the band owed him money for the co-writing of several of the band’s rock music songs, the matter was settled out of court. In May 2002 the band’s fourth studio album ‘Maladroit’ was released and two singles were released off the album.

March 2004 saw Weezer release their much overdue debut DVD titled ‘Video Capture Device’ which was RIAA certified Gold in November 2004.

Weezer released their fifth studio rock music album ‘Make Believe’ in May 2005 and was RIAA certified Platinum in 2006. The first single ‘Beverly Hills’ released off the album peaked at #1 on the USA Billboard Modern Rock chart and also became a worldwide hit. At the 48th Annual Grammy Awards the single was nominated for Best Rock Song award. At the 2005 MTV Video Awards the video was also nominated for the Best Rock Video award. The band’s second single ‘We Are All on Drugs’ off the album was heavily criticized for its lyrics and MTV refused to air it causing the band to rerecord the single with different lyrics replacing the ‘on drugs’ with ‘in love’ and renaming the song ‘We Are All in Love’. The third single ‘Perfect Situation’ spawned off the album spent four weeks at #1 on the USA Billboard Modern Rock chart and their fourth single ‘This Is Such a Pity’ was released shortly after.

In June 2008 Weezer released their sixth studio album titled ‘Weezer’ (also known as ‘The Red Album’); the album was in itself a music experimental album. Off the album came the lead single ‘Pork and Beans’ peaking on the USA Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart for 11 weeks straight and in the 2008 Grammy Awards the rock music video won a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video. Single number two titled ‘Troublemaker’ debuted at #39 on the USA Billboard Hot Modern Rock Track chart and in October it peaked at #2. The band announced a third single ‘The Greatest Man that Ever Lived (Variation on a Shaker Hymn)’.

In 2009 Josh Freese (Drums) joined the band on a temporary basis while Pat Wilson played guitar. Weezer’s seventh studio rock music album ‘Raditude’ was released in November 2009, it debuted at #7 on the USA Billboard 200 Album chart. In December 2009 parted ways with the Geffen Record label and eventually signed up with the Epitaph label.

In September 2010 Weezer released their eighth studio album ‘Hurley’ through the Epitaph label. November 2010 saw the band also release a compilation album ‘Death to False Metal’ and on the same day a deluxe edition of ‘Pinkerton’ was released.

In October 2011 the former rock music bass guitarist Mikey Welsh was found dead in his hotel room in Chicago, Illinois. The Band performing the next day in Chicago, Mikey Welsh was to have been a surprise guest of honour on the show; Weezer dedicated the concert to honour Welsh. A third edition in the solo ‘Alone’ series of Rivers Cuomo’s was released in December 2011 titled ‘Alone III: The Pinkerton Years’.

The Weezer’s ninth studio album ‘Everything Will Be Alright in the End’ was due for release in October 2014, but the band announced pre-orders for the new album were initiated in July 2014.

The band sold over 9 million albums in the USA and over 17 million worldwide.