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That secret is their very powerful Social Media Company that they use to get their brand in front of millions of people and that company is called Rockstar Marketing Rockstar Marketing, a small Advanced Social Media company based out of Destin, Florida, works with some of the biggest Entertainers on the planet. The guys from Black Stone Cherry, Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch, Number JUAN Tequila, owned by Comedian Ron White, numerous NFL and NBA players have sung Rockstar Marketing’s praises. Running Facebook Contests, they have gotten tens of thousands on new Fans, Email addresses and sales in just days.

“When combining advanced social media techniques with search engine optimization, we have been able to organically reach over 13 million people on a single Facebook post” said Bryan Scott, owner of Rockstar Marketing.

The company is one of the leading experts in combining social media, search engine optimization, YouTube marketing and monitoring to reach the maximum number of people.

Rockstar’s clients include NFL and NBA Players, Playboy Playmates, National Country and Rock bands, A-List Celebrities and National Brands. These days, Social Media and the Internet are necessary to obtain a national or international presence. Companies like Rockstar Marketing offer a comprehensive set of services to get clients online, noticed and achieve specific results.

The team often travels to with their clients in action, be-it on stage, on the field, on the court or wherever. “Not only do we work with some of the biggest bands and celebs on the planet, we are fans of theirs too, nothing like watching them from backstage, then hanging out with them for hours after the show,” says Scott.

“I think we steer different internet marketing trends, we’re pretty tip of the spear” says Scott, who is also retired from Air Force Special Operations. “Being on the forefront of internet marketing, there are a lot of people watching to see what we do and how we do it, We are

constantly working to better our team, figuring out new ways to pull traffic, leads, build a fanbase and reach the most people for the least amount of money for our clients.”

Rockstar Marketing 385 Harbor Blvd Suite 200 Destin, Florida 32541