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Storm clouds threatened the trendy Blink-182 crowd last Sunday night in Burgettstown, Pennsylavnia. In spite of the elements some 20,000 secured their positions under the pavilion and mostly across the lawn for a night of 90’s punk nostalgia and to see if their beloved Blink still had the jovial youthful vigor it takes to deliver the high energy show they are known for.


Blink-182 has a busy concert season schedule with dates across the country on their California Summer Tour. They are supporting their latest album California which unlike the previous release is a huge hit and debuted number 1 on the US Billboard 200. The tour also introduced long time fans to their new singer/guitarist Matt Skiba who replaced founding member Tom DeLonge only last year.


Minus the humorous banter of a typical Hoppus and DeLonge performance, fans got what they came for. High energy hits, Barker wailing away through drum fills and a stage show with as much impact as it had irreverence. That being the twelve foot flaming letters of the band’s favorite four letter word.


There is always a fair amount of criticism when a 90’s band like Blink-182 decides to replace its lead vocalist. Matt Skiba’s voice may not have the same character as DeLonges did, but he held his own on songs both old and new with a solid vocal performance throughout the nights’ 24 songs, with Hoppus assuming the lead on several key old hits.

If you’re going to to make a comeback – this is the way to do it!