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October 10th 2014 Santos Party Place in lower Manhattan New York.

Friday was a mild October night in lower Manhattan and perfect for the fall club scene. Rockers from all walks were filing in and having never been to a Butcher Babies show we did not know what to expect. The small but comfortable Santos in Manhattan was dimly lit as the stagehands and sound checks went on. There was a healthy sized crowd for the space but not as many as I expected considering that there are 1.6 million people living in the neighborhood, only about 150 rockers in the club. According to Facebook there should be 1,200 Butcher Babies fans  within a cab ride away.

Most of New York however missed great metal and a fantastic show. There was wattage, thunderous bass, and pure rock and roll SEX pulsing from the stage from the beginning of the show to sometime afterwards during the fan recovery period. Yes there was hard rock candy for your eyes, but there was also no lack of stimulation for your ears thanks to the talented group of players backing up the double session of femdom vocal fury. Guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein and mega drummer Chris Warner brought the thunder on every song. Heidi Shepard’s and Carla Harvey’s roaring vocals and super sexy stage presence whipped the crowd into a head banging pit slamming frenzy.

I am happy to report that there were no apparent injuries, and the fans at Santos were some of the most polite metal folk we have met. At one point a Misfits jacket wearing mosh pit tough guy walked up to the bar and politely asked my friend if he was in line for a drink or not. The closest the crowd came to dangerous was when Heidi jumped off the stage and into the middle of the over-amped crowd. The craziness swirled around her for about a minute before order started to break down and the mock fight began to look more like a real riot. Heidi slipped out unscathed and earned the respect of everyone in the club for being able to hang both on stage and in the pit.

The Butcher Babies are touring in support of their album Goliath and their new EP Uncovered. Goliath has made it to #3 on Billboard’s Heatseeker chart. Uncovered is currently #3 on Heatseeker.

Photo courtesy of BK Photography