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Written by Christine Fogu February 29, 2016 – Photo Credits Christine Fogu

Webster Hall is one of New York City’s premier concert venues. Multiple rooms allow for nonstop music and dance to accommodate everyone’s needs every day of the week. “The Studio” provides a very intimate atmosphere; having a capacity of only 400 people. Its low lighting and quality acoustics makes for a very unforgettable rock concert experience.  It was no surprise that From Ashes To New decided to have their album release party here on February 26th.


This Post Hardcore/ Nu Metal band from Lancaster, PA has risen to fame almost overnight it seems and have taken the music community by storm. They have a very large and dedicated fan base. These boys never cease to show their fans that they truly care; doing meet and greets after every show they perform. They enjoy meeting their fans and today that is extremely important. Their hit singles “Downfall” and “Through It All” have frequently made appearances on top rock charts and their debut album “Day One” quickly made it to number 3 on the charts shortly after it was released.


As the boys entered the stage the fans cheered loudly in anticipation. They started the show with “Downfall” and then continued with “Farther From Home”; one of their new songs. Even though the album was just released earlier in the day, most all were seen singing right along to every song. It was truly something to behold and it did not go unnoticed by the boys.


The energy put off by everyone on stage really got the crowd fired up and participating during the entire performance. They powered through their entire set without taking a single break. Chris, Matt, and Brandon’s three part vocals were dead on and blended beautifully together. Chris and Matt alternated leads and Brandon was perfect with his deep growler/screamer voice. Brandon was able to show off his vocal talents during “Face The Day” in which he took over leads and Matt took over playing Guitar. Lance and Matt were fantastic on Guitar; playing fast and challenging riffs throughout the night. Tim was a nonstop powerhouse on the drums.


The night ended strong with “Stay This Way.” The energy in the room, from both the crowd and the band, stayed powerful through the entire set and the night did not end there. After the concert The boys stayed put to relax and enjoy time with their fans and the family who came to help celebrate the release of “Day One.” No one was in a rush to get home and it was indeed a fun filled unforgettable night. Everyone there that night will definitely continue to “Spread The Ashes,” as fans say.