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Review of Hinder at the Rodeo Music Hall in Austintown Ohio January 2016

Hinder fans are ‘Hinder’ fans, and like so many bands struggling to remain relevant they show no signs of backing down or giving up. In fact Hinder doubled down this past year with a new lead singer and a fresh off the press album entitled When the Smoke Clears.

Hinder introduced a lot of music that is new or recently new to their fans. Most of the fans present in the popular Austintown, Ohio venue seemed to be original fans from the early 2000’s and some near the bar were not shy about sharing their opinion that they missed Austin Winkler.

Many fans had this kind of performance burned into the grooves of their rock memories by Winkler.

Hinder has made several transitions over the past decade and many fans have made the adjustment in a positive way. Marshall Dutton has the look and sound that appeals to new fans, and he has the range and experience to tie the older Hinder hits to the new artistry the band brings to 2016. It’s difficult to pin down one particular style on the new album because they have a range of tracks from rock ballads you would expect to heavy metal that could incite spontaneous moshing. Here’s a sample of what Marshall Dutton and the gang can bring on the more traditional rock side.

Alternatively – so to speak, a heavy and speedier track, Intoxicated keeps Hinder fans on their feet.

Hinder performed many of the songs the crowd expected towards the end of the night. Fans sung along to hits and during ‘Lips of an Angel’ there were several rock and roll ‘angels’ being serenaded loudly by their slightly inebriated mortal admirers.

When the lights come on and ‘the smoke clears’, Hinder’s ability to attract a new generation of rock fans will determine the longevity of the once triple platinum rockers.

Set list coming soon!