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We were able to catch up with RavenEye for a short chat in Louisville, Kentucky at the Louder Than Life music festival. The event spanned the entire weekend with gourmet man food, barrels of bourbon, and a lineup that covered a full spectrum of rock genres.  The first day was turning out to be a very chilly afternoon as we all stood and talked about how this was their first time touring the United States together as a band.

RavenEye is a new rock music group formed by British blues performer Oli Brown. Oli plays guitar and leads the vocals with Kev Hickman on drums  and Aaron Spiers on bass. We wanted to help introduce this trending and talented clutch of artists and were honored they took the time to speak with us.

RM: So tell us Oli how did you come up with the name RavenEye?

Oli: I’m a big fan of birds, I’m a bit of a bird dork so I love them and Ravens are my favorite because they’re intelligent, cool birds, and there’s some macabre about them which is something I liked. It’s kind of the first name I came up with as a joke as I started looking for band names, so I often said “How about RavenEye” as a dumb joke but it worked and I really liked the idea it’s kind of a neutral name, it doesn’t really say “too heavy” or “too poppy” or anything like that.

RM: So Oli, I read that you wrote the music for the newly released EP “Breaking Out” do you find your sound evolving now that the bands on tour?

Oli: Yeah, definitely I think because I wrote that one alone it’s very different when you bring other people on board, they all have cool points and are like “alright or no I want…”  but I think what’s cool is that the sound is defined, we all have a common goal and the guys all wanted to be together because of that EP and we all have an idea or ideology of what we want the sound to be and the songs are all flowing quite comfortably when we write were all like workers and we pay attention.  When we want to do a task everyone just shuts up and gets on with the task and no one really procrastinates which is great, you know it means that the work gets done and it’s good I like that.

RM: So how did you guys get together?

Oli: Actually I was living in Toronto at the time for a couple years and that’s when I was writing the songs and I realized that I wanted to put this out as a band and I went on Facebook just per chance and I don’t usually read the news feeds it’s always rubbish (rubbish a very English term, ha ha) and just by chance the drum cover video was up on Facebook so I just checked it out and drum cover just blew my mind he’s a wicked player ( Kev Hickman ).  I got in touch through Facetime, we had a chat and I moved, I lived in Kent for a couple months, actually a few months and he recommended Aaron and we all hung out, had a few drinks, got loose, and then yeah the music started coming and it was really a natural progress.  We’ve been very lucky to find each other and all have the same common goal in what we want to achieve.

RM: Have you had any time to work on new songs?

Oli: Yes, lots of time, especially on this tour now we’ve got lots of driving ahead of us so we are writing a lot, all the time and I think the main goal I want to achieve before we record again is to have, honestly first is to have just as many songs, as many ideas, and just really to find more sounds.  The more you write the better you get at it, the better you sound with it, and we’re really working hard on it now when we have down time in between the other things we’re squeezing in, it’s good, where it all counts you know, it’s the music.

RM: So whose idea was it to use KickStarter to raise the money to tour the U.S.?

Aaron: That was my idea, I’ve sorta been keeping my eye on the trend of kick starters from sorta when they kicked off, no pun intended.  It sorta goes in and out of being in fashion and so we were very very careful about how we launched it and I think what we did like promoting really cool one on one experiences with us like house concerts and golf days and all sorts of crazy shit that our fans can do with us, helped us to raise over seven thousand pounds and help us get here basically so I mean we owe our fans everything, we really have the best fans.

RM: Is there anything else you’d like your fans to know?

Oli: Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, we run those pages, it’s just us on it so or Twitter with the same handle.  Say hello to us, it’s just the three of us that run it so we like to keep it as family you know, we like to keep our fans close to us and we like to keep in touch with everyone. They’re the reason we do this so it’s the reason we keep doing it, it’s wicked!

Thanks RavenEye for the interview! We wish you the best of luck on your tour this fall!

Also thanks to staff contributor Beth McCallisister for conducting the interview and transcribing the dialog.