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Steel Panther

Lower The Bar


Released date: 3-24-17

Released by: Kobalt Music

Genre: Glam Metal / Comedy

Producer: Jay Ruston

Catchy, crude, and most definitely not safe for work, it’s what you’ve come to expect from Steel Panther and with their 4th studio release Lower The Bar the LA quartet delivers another 40 minutes of loving tribute to and complete mockery of, all that was 80’s Hair Metal.

Charging out of the gate with a guttural “UH!” (something sorely missing in rock n roll lyrics these days), vocalist Michael Starr belts out his best David Lee Roth-esque scream, as the none to subtle Goin’ In The Back Door finds the band in familiar territory, a land filled with big riffs, face melting solos from resident six string hero Satchel, and lyrics raunchy enough to make you question what you just heard.  Hot on the heels of that blistering ode to the “Hershey highway” the up tempo Anything Goes and the slinky cowbell filled chorus of lead single Poontang Boomerang, which had it’s world premiere on, naturally , will undoubtedly also be stuck in your brain after only a few listens.

Lower The Bar eases back on the  gas just enough to let you catch your breath with a slight reworking of the acoustic ballad That’s When You Came In (and Blew Me) first heard on last years Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage and the biggest musical departure yet from the bands signature Sunset Strip approach, Now The Fun Starts, a psychedelic tinged mid tempo groover. Psychedelic Steel Panther you say? Have no fear, things shift right back into high gear with future Steel Panther standards Pussy Ain’t Free and Walk Of Shame before delivering the money shot with a straight ahead cover of the Cheap Trick classic She’s Tight featuring guest vocalist Robin Zander.

Steel Panther can definitely be polarizing and depending on your tolerance for sophomoric and politically incorrect humor, the band may never be able to win you over no matter how catchy the hooks are or how good the musicianship, but with Lower The Bar  Lexxi Foxx (bass), Michael Starr (vocals), Satchel (guitar) and Stix Zadinia (drums) are sure to keep their fans in stitches and head banging with another non stop stream of raucous glam metal and power ballads.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the videos below.