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If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind concert experience, New York City is certainly the place to be. With a different music venue placed nearly every few blocks; the city that never sleeps will never slack on a good rock show. The midtown multi-floor Webster Hall is just one of these many great venues, with its most intimate tier, The Studio, providing its most dark and underground setting.

The hall’s low capacity and small stage allow fans and artists to interact on a much more personal level. The dimly-lit atmosphere and quality acoustics made for one of the best live rock shows you could ever hope to witness.

Like A Storm, who were hosting this first-ever headlining tour, brought their Didgeridoo Destruction tour to that very room on Tuesday, December 15th, and with them came a militia of fans and three other like-minded bands from around the country. The headliners’ unforgettable set, however, ushered in an energy around the room that was unlike no other, with nobody leaving disappointed.

As the evening’s festivities kicked off, the first band Failure Anthem entered the stage and launched into their excellent choice for an opening song, “Straight Jacket.” Lead singer JD Eubanks’ powerful vocals flooded the room and helped to set the mood for the entire evening. Although the band had only just released their new hit song “Paralyzed” back in May of this year, the entire crowd seemed to know every word, singing on the top of their lungs. The crowd continued to bounce and cheer to every song they played, only building on their previous intensity. The band finished just as strong as they started, choosing the infectious “I Won’t Say Goodbye” as their closer, truly demonstrating that they are a band you may want to keep an eye on.

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Wyoming’s Righteous Vendetta were the next band to take the stage in front of an exhausted and skeptical crowd, however, as soon as they launched into their set, the room came to life yet again. Their opening track “Defiance” blew everyone away, with audience members throwing up their “rock on” signs, shouting “hell yea!” and cheering as the song came to an end. Lead vocalist Ryan Hayes visibly gave the performance his all, projecting his powerful voice and impressive vocal range throughout the venue.


Stitched Up Heart were next to take the stage, and although they experienced some minor technical issues, they were able to keep the crowd on their feet. Lead vocalist Mixi powered through the incredible opener, “Finally Free,” which really seemed to get the audience excited. After all, now we were getting closer to the main event. As their set rolled on, the band only got better and better as their unique and skillful guitar riffs, drum techniques, and vocals blasted away. Their powerful stage presence was surely enough to acquire a few new fans that evening, at the least.


Then came the moment that everyone was waiting for, as Like A Storm stepped on stage with the crowd cheering wildly. Chris Brooks started off the set by fittingly playing the Didgeridoo before the band proceeded with “Chaos,” a gut-wrenching fantastic choice for an opener. The crowd was blown away by not only the vocals, but by the band as a whole. Multi-instrumentalists Chris and Matt’s co-vocals were both outstanding and dead on and the band’s passion for the music shined through on every song. The range of sounds and instruments that were played that evening truly demonstrated the band’s wide array of talents.


The band performed a number of covers during their set, but the evening’s highlight was clearly their cover of Coolio’s “Gangsters Paradise,” for which the crowd went absolutely wild. Shortly thereafter, Matt performed an unbelievable and heartfelt rendition of “Break Free,” truly connecting with the crowd who sang along with him before he thrashed on a brilliant drum solo. The band then covered AC/DC’s “TNT,” during which Chris jumped down into the crowd and sang along with the audience. The band concluded their unbelievable set with their classic song “Love The Way You Hate Me,” after which the audience cheered and applauded wildly.


For those enthralled with the band’s performance, the true fans stayed after the show for a huge meet-and-greet event where the artists were signing posters, taking pictures, and chatting with fans about the show and their music. The concert turned out to be an unforgettable experience, one that could not be matched by even the biggest of stadium shows. For their first headlining date in New York City, Like A Storm did not disappoint, and the Big Apple will surely await their return.