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Playing bass guitar is not a walk in the park. Bass players don’t get the respect they deserve and sometimes they are even the butt of band jokes, we thought it was time to give a few of these very talented musicians the spotlight.

In fact, most people tend to agree that guitar is the most difficult music instrument to play. While this may be true to some extent, there are certain individuals with exceptional skills which enable them to play guitar in an amazing way. As we took a long look at these Outstanding musicians we wanted to look at talent and not turn this into a popularity contest and that is what we did. Here are top 10 best bassists in modern rock music that you will adore.


This indisputable bass guitarist is no doubt the best when it comes to technical level. He was a bartender in Las Vegas when joined Five Finger Death Punch, but had been a musician for many years before. He loves and understands how to play the instrument. He produces wonderful melody lines and his speed is utterly impressive. He has the qualities that the best bassist should have. Chris has a stage presence that is second to none, such a well-rounded musician that any band would grab him up in a second. Always a crowd favorite live. Not to mention his amazing “beard” to boot.

2. Johnny Christ – AVENGED SEVENFOLD

This exalted and influential bassist has all the qualities that make him the number #1 in modern rock music. He has excellent skills and plays at incredible blazing speed. He produces nice tunes and sound melodies that will touch your soul. Johnny can play extremely complicated rhythm lines that other bassists find challenging. This makes him a true revolutionary bass man.


Jon’s unsurpassed skills have had great contribution towards the success of soul meets southern rock. He is just outstanding. He carves his way thru melodies changing the feel just by changing the rhythms. Black Stone Cherry has taken Europe by storm and has emerged as one of the Biggest acts touring across the pond. His own unique style has made him stand out from other bassists, The dynamic duo of Jon Lawhon and Guitarist Ben Wells extrude and energy that fill the stands night after night, oh not to mention they have the Best Drummer (John Fred Young) in Rock Music, but we’ll save that for another article. He plays nice tunes and amazing melodies.

4. Scott Wilson – TANTRIC

Scott’s, strength is finding the notes that shouldn’t fit but do. With a very unique approach to cross melodies and “feel” it makes him a very sought after bassist for writing and composing unique bass lines. Mixing his fretless style of slides and finesse makes him not the standard but the backbone of the band. His stage performance is full of vigor all while He produces fantastic melodies and unmatched rhythms. His singing voice is amazing as well, Scott is a gem in the rough.

5. Adam Woloszyn – NONPOINT

Adam is famous for playing Rhythms that will take your breath away. Nonpoint has been a fan favorite for many years, pulling in big crowds on every tour. He has mastery of strings and can play even the most difficult rhythms. Adam also plays bass guitar at fast speed. His pounding notes always leave your heart pounding from the unexpected. You will enjoy seeing him in action.The energy never ends.

6. Cody Hampton – SHALLOW SIDE

Cody has an amazing playing style that makes him an outstanding bassist. As one of the smaller bands on this list, he plays as big as anyone you will find anywhere, Period! He is such a good bass guitarist and this has earned him much notoriety early in his career. Cody plays at fast speed. This qualifies him as one of the best bassists of the generation. He also displays exemplary performance on stage.

7. Matt Dirito – POP EVIL

Matt is an extraordinary bassist who is said to have brought in some elements into rock music. He mixes styles of music to compose unique arrangements. Matt has the unique ability to play different music styles. He is also diverse and will play any style he chooses. He therefore qualifies to be in the list of the top 10 best bassists in rock music.

8. Ashley Dzerigain – FILTER

Ashley is one of the most unique bassist in rock music today. As the only female on the list, her musical talent absolutely stands out in this crowd, guess that is what caught the eye of Richard Patrick, lead singer and founder of Filter. Her grindy yet versatile tone hums thru the front like a bee screaming thru the speakers. Those who have listened or watched her play can attest to this. The fast speed in which she plays bass guitar will grab your attention. The great tunes she produces will make you appreciate rock music.

9. Mike D’antonio – KILLSWITCH ENGAGE

Mike is famously referred to as a badass. He has been in Killswitch Engaged sinch their inception and had the honor of working with 2 incredible lead singers. Indeed he has earned that title by beating the strings aggressively for many years. He is an awesome bass guitarist. The manner in which he plays and the accompanying body language will just blow your mind. Aggression meets melody and you will surely respect him. What a great bassist!

10. Eric Bass – SHINEDOWN

This astounding bassist is has played a remarkable role in the success of modern rock music. His skills are incomparable and can play various styles. His speed is impressive. He produces nice tunes and plays different rhythms. He always fills the holes in the arrangement with style and grace.

Parting Shot
So, there you have it, The Top Ten bassists in Modern Rock Music today. These are some pretty big name and this competition was tough. They play at fast speed, produce nice melodies, play complicated rhythms and some are even good at singing. Hopefully, we have expanded your musical Rock Music palette a little bit and given you some insight to just how important bass players are to the rock industry. The above bassists have awesome skills and great talents which make them the top 10 best bassists in modern rock industry.