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It’s hard to keep up with rockers Danny Worsnop and Jeff George of We Are Harlot. They have been touring for 10 months, just arrived back from Japan and were preparing for their milestone 100th performance together. Danny and Jeff were gracious enough to take a few minutes out of their schedule to speak to us about touring, their music, and some insight into what’s next.

RM: How’s the tour going and how has the road been treating you?

Danny: Long. Long and wearisome, but we’re keeping one leg in front of the other and keeping the show moving.

Jeff: We’ve been out for 10 months, so we’re pretty beat up, we’re in the final week of our 10 month tour.

RM: So you started touring before your new album We Are Harlot dropped?

Jeff: Yes back in January.

RM: Have you had any particular difficulties on the road that’s a fun story?

Jeff: (laughingly replied) Difficulties and fun?

Danny: Ya they’re two very different things. The difficulties come every single day. The fun is usually in the evening, the fun part usually starts around 9:30 and ends at 10 past 10, and the rest of its the difficult bit.

Jeff: (the fun) is when we take the stage.  I don’t think a lot of people understand, I think they think we fly in on a private jet and the yacht is parked out back and the maidens carry us to the stage.

RM: So how much longer before you get a break from all that?

Danny: 4 more shows after today.

RM: I know you’ve spoken on this topic in the past but can you share some of your opinions on the state of rock and roll and why its so hard to find ‘real rock’?

Danny: Its because no one’s making it. Every one’s found this cookie cutter thing and every band sounds exactly the same, and with the risk of  obviously sounding a little arrogant at this point but we’re one of the only bands that have had the drive and the passion to bring back real honest music that isn’t just homogenized bullshit.

Jeff: Ya I think if you listen to the radio, when we first started this band we didn’t know who that was (that was playing). Think about the 70s when you had Queen and Van Halen and Sabbath and KISS and Aerosmith and Led Zepplin, you had all these bands playing rock and roll, and they all sounded completely different, completely individualistic. What was missing in rock and roll music up until one of the things that we brought back was hearing the four personalities of the guys in the band. You may have had one personality that was good like a great singer or great guitar player or a great drummer in the band but you never had the collective like you had in these other bands. I think that’s something that really works for us is that we have four big personalities in this band and you hear it in the music. I like that and I think that’s what really infuses life into rock and roll. I think we need more of that.

RM: Now those bands and even 80’s band are called ‘classic rock’, so how did that get to be classic rock?

Jeff: I think that’s kinda what we think we’re doing is playing classic rock ‘modernly’.

RM: Is it a revival? I’m not sure what to call that? and genres can actually confuse the matter, do see yourself as one of the labels?

Danny: We say rock and roll, cause we are Rock and Roll, this is a blues driven 70s rock band.

Jeff: It’s funny you see a lot of the young kids coming out because a lot of them are 13 to 19 (years old) and some of them say ‘Whoa I’ve never heard anything like this!’

Danny: Ya they think we’re doing something new.

Jeff: Ya we didn’t invent this wheel we’re just rolling it along. I think its the whole lifestyle of it too, we have a good time, we tear it up pretty good and when we play you’ll notice were always smiling and having a good time and that’s kinda just the way we are. We enjoy it and were still such fans of music that we enjoy it just as much as hopefully those who come to see us do. When we go up and play we’re like ‘FINALLY’ , all of the other stuff is done we can actually go out and play music! and that’s what we live for.

RM: So is there anything new you’re working on that you can share?

Danny: No. Not that we can’t share it, its just that were not working on anything new yet. This albums still got such a long life in it yet that we haven’t reached that point yet.

Jeff: Ya I mean think about it, we’ve been touring for 10 months and we’re still only on the second single.

Danny: And we’re thinking we might have about 5 or 6, we like this album and we think it might have another year or so left in it.

Jeff: We still feel like we have a lot of life left in this record and we want to keep doing this.



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Thanks to Cheri Kern Photography for the awesome extra shots from earlier this year.